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When "Says You!" goes on location, we generally do either one or two performances on a weekend. Each "Says You!" performance is composed of two, hour-long shows taped for air with a brief intermission, lasting about two and a half hours.

We travel with a cast and crew of ten including our panelists, host, associate producer, and primary engineering team. We supply everything needed for radio recording and provide a stereo feed to the house PA. Our stage set up is simple- pictures of typical settings are available upon request.

Ticketing is done either directly through the "Says You!" website (go to and follow the 'Join the Fun' link') or in any manner you choose. We can do it all or facilitate any system you prefer. Promotional announcements for the events are made on every national broadcast and we can provide finished promos, voiced copy, or whatever you might need for local spots.

We welcome suggestions for your celebrity guest performers to give unique regional flavor to the show. For the same reason, musical groups are most often chosen at the suggestion of the local host. One of the most successful of all time, for example, was The Garfield High School Jazz Ensemble. When it was first suggested to us, we were skeptical... then we found out they were national High School Champions and absolutely fantastic. Surprises and discoveries of that nature are what we like.


We finance each trip in one of two ways. In the first scenario, we assume all costs and production responsibilities including travel, lodging, technical support, venue, and performer fees. We receive all revenues generated from ticketing and national underwriting. We are happy to do any side events- time and circumstance permitting- that you'd like to do for your own fundraising. The organization of such affairs is the province of the station.

The second scenario is for us to charge a flat fee and assume all expenses related to air travel, radio engineering, and performer fees (including a stipend for musicians). The local station assumes all other costs including venue, lodging, local ground transportation, and any support engineering facilities and personnel deemed necessary. All revenue generated- including ticket sales, local underwriting and any side events- goes to the station. This scenario seems especially attractive to stations who can secure venues, accommodations, catering, and other such expenses either in trade or discount.

For further information, suggestions, and questions, please feel free to contact us via e-mail at See just how easy it is to bring a Says You! Event to your audience.


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