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There is very little to joining the fray- just contact Pipit & Finch, the producers of "Says You!" here. We can provide information about special promotions, carriage fees, scheduling and other program logistics.

You may select either the 29 or 59 minute version for the same price. Please note that the 59 minute version is based on the NPR hour clock with a one minute tease followed by a five minute news break at the top. There are also ninety-second floating breaks at approximately the 20 and 40 minute marks.

Please provide us with the following information for our billing and so that we can make an appropriate national greeting announcement when you begin airing the show.
  City / State     
  ZIP Code
  Billing Address
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  ZIP Code
  Phone #
  Show Day / Time

Greeting Information-
Tell us what you want us to say to America!

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